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Up coming activities and programs

Offered and supported by the SSCPN

For information call 450-466-1325

The CHSLD Champlain (Brossard) long term care centre with the support and input from of the South Shore Community Partners SSCPN, Good Shepherd Parish and others are working to improve access to client services in the English Language With funding from Health Canada a special project has been put into place with the aim to provide better services to English-speaking clientele and families. We are now working with the Centres program director, to look at ways and means to link their English clientele and families needs with the community on the South Shore. An activity director has been hired and a place within the centre has been set aside to host such programs like a English library and Films etc . Plus there will be a Tea room to relax and host special events. Should you have an interest in being part of this program as a volunteer contact at 466-1325 or by email

Community activities and programs--Supported by the SSCPN

We have been actively supporting local programs that provide specialized services and resources to our community

CAFÉ-RENCONTRE! Every Monday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30 pm (in English) at St. Francis of Assisi Church, 844 Notre Dame, St. Lambert. For info. contact Vie Nouvelle at 450-679-1100, ext. 260 (service in English available Wednesday mornings from 9h00 to 12h30) The Café-Rencontre is a peer support group where women gather together to discuss their life circumstances which may at times be frustrating, confusing or distressing. Participants are free to participate as they wish. The objective of the meetings is to share feelings and experiences and together identify possible coping strategies or resources for those in need.


PREMIERS PAS / HOME-START / IT'S TIME TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE Remember when your kids were under 5 How many times you felt lonely, isolated or simply just fed up as a parent! Now, Premiers Pas / Home-Start needs people like you to share their experience with a family who is living a through this difficult period. Join us as a volunteer, call (450) 923-4138.

 The Parent`s Circle offering Free worships on altering at the Centre George-Henri Brossard 3205 Rome Blvd in Brossard has syopped their rprograming until Sept.. under La Maison de Famille de la Brossard email


OUR HARBOUR" provides housing and community living support to the mentally ill on the South Shore. Presently we are  opening  another apartment close to our 1st one should you know of or yourself looking to help  then  we encourage you tcontact our office at 450-671-9160

Should you know of persons (any where in Greater Montreal) who maybe interested in becoming a resident ....the contact our office.. .we could put you in contact with  a local service

Centregen/ Life-Line a Support group for persons with a mental Illness call 445-5427

Anglophone  Parkinson`s support group meets  each month from 2 pm -4pm at 840 Notre Dame-St-Lambert New members, families and caregivers  are Welcome call 671-5898
 Alzheimer English support group for caregivers meets  once a month at 7pm in St-Lambert for approximately 2 hrs call  Gloria 450-671-4079
 Pavillon Foster is a publicly funded rehabilitation center that provides ongoing specialized addiction services. We offer treatment for substance abuse and problem gambling for youth and adults, as well as support for concerned family members. Our services are provided in English and are free of charge. Services are offered in Montreal and the Monteregie. For more information please phone: (514)486-1304 or Jo-Anne Theoret at Foster's outpatient services in Brossard at (450)445-4452 ext. 2352


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