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Quebec Association for Adult Learning   

An Adult Education Association

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The Quebec Association for Adult Learning was established in 1981 to provide leadership
in matters pertaining to lifelong learning and to create a collective voice to promote
educational opportunities for adults who pursue learning projects primarily in the English language.

 Concordia University   1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.    Hall Building 7th Floor   room 767    514- 848-2424 (2036)


The Quebec Association for Adult Learning (QAAL) believes that learning is a lifelong endeavour and a human right.
As an English-language adult learning association that supports those who support learners, QAAL's mission is:


The Quebec Association for Adult Learning (QAAL) believes that learning is a lifelong endeavour and a human right. Therefore, as an association for those working in the field of English-language adult learning throughout Quebec, QAAL brings together everyone for whom a learning society is a shared ideal.
Deeply rooted in the community of adult educators, QAAL recognizes and supports the diverse learning needs of Quebec's English-language adult learners.
QAAL supports those who support learners, partnering to advocate for, inform, research, promote, and nurture a culture of lifelong learning.

At the AGM May 19th a new board of directors was elected: Susan Oliver, President, Katharine Childs, Vice President, Arpi Hamalian, Treasurer, Patricia Delaney, Secretary, Leiba Aronoff, Sima Brockstein, Vilnis Epners, Judith Gray, Marielle Green, Denise Llewellyn, Hugh Maynard, Leah Moss, and Elizabeth Paulette-Coughlin will be pleased to serve your needs in the coming year.


Professional Development
QAAL sponsors professional development workshops and events for its members several times a year. These events include opportunities to hear from outstanding adult educators and researchers, and to share information about state-of-the art materials, research and issues of public concern.


QAAL undertakes applied practitioner-oriented research on topics of interest to its members, on adult education policy, funding, delivery, methods and future trends.


QAAL is consulted by the Quebec and federal governments on issues related to adult education and learning.


QAAL links its members with other adult education organizations, networks and institutions in Quebec. QAAL is represented on the board of the Canadian Association for Adult Education (CAAE) and is affiliated with other provincial, territorial and international adult education organizations.
Information Sharing
QAAL provides up-to-date information to its members through its newsletter on current adult education issues, reserach, events, professional development activities and job opportunities.     
QAAL is a member of the QCGN    

SSCP is a member group of QAAL