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Youth ExchangeThe YMCA Youth Exchanges program offers groups of 10-30 youth between the ages of 11-18 the opportunity to learn more about Canada, to meet new friends, to travel and to learn about themselves. The exchange lasts at least five days, excluding travel time. Budget permitting, transportation costs for all eligible participants and organizers are paid by the Government of Canada through the YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada program, while the exchange groups cover local transportation and other expenses when hosting the twin group. YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada is intended to reach all Canadian youth, either school groups or youth affiliated with a recognized community organization. Special measures funding is available to encourage participation by Aboriginal youth, youth with disabilities, youth from rural or isolated areas, visible minority youth, and youth from low-income families. If you have any questions, please call. Deadline for application to travel in the Spring 2005 season is September 30, 2004. YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada (514) 849-5331 ext. 235 1-866-332-9622 ext. 235 (514) 849-5863 (fax)

The best support we can offer ..Youth is positive encouragement

Young people today face many challenges. However, they do not always have to face them alone. There are a number of community based support services, CEGEPs, CLSCs, employment services resources that provide help: contact us for some basic ideas were to look .When seeking information about help for young people contact your local CLSC for a listing of services.....

Helping Kids Make Wise Choices

Health  Canada has recently published an educational booklet for parents and youth, Straight Talk About Marijuana, and launched a "Be Drug Wise" web site for youth to help them make wise choices about marijuana, alcohol and driving while impaired. Straight Talk About Marijuana is intended to give parents and youth the information they need to discuss the issue and to encourage healthy decision-making by youth. It examines health issues, social consequences and legal matters, and also proposes effective ways for parents and youth to communicate about marijuana use. The youth web site includes factual information on marijuana, alcohol and impaired driving, and provides links to further resources as well as publications.   

Foster Pavilion (covering the South Shore) offers English Language substance abuse clinics for youth and adolescents with drug or drinking problems along with support to their families. Pavilion Foster can be reach by calling CLSC Samuel de Champlain (Brossard ) 450-445-4472

On the South Shore a number of churches have active Youth Groups that are open to all young person's.

Creative Alternative's programs join us and engage with your creativity this winter!   Programs include: day-long creative process workshops;healthy body image for teens;  Art of Dialogue training, an introduction to Playback Theatre workshop,and a Playback Theatre intensive training with founder Jonathan Fox.  A dynamic season!  Visit our website for more information or contact us (514) 808-7348

Visit our " Useful Wed-link " page for a range of Web-contacts-(Cegep-Job-Training-Vocational etc )

At Your Service... Youth Guide provides a great listing all types of Youth Help can visit the guide on-line or contact Communcation Québec, or the SSCP  for a copy.....(You must have Acorbat reader 5.1 downloaded)   Youth (Montérégie)

Finding part-time/full time jobs is important to young people ..Be it to earn extra money or starting  that career. Knowing the type of programs are that  provide support and offer the training needed is equally important...Listed are some of the main resoures available to youth.  Students in High-School or CEGEP or UnvYou can be placed in contacted with other types of services that maybe of use to you...that make puts your ideas and dreams into motion ..

EDUCATION QUEBEC: Vocational education is open to both young people and adults for information on eligibility visit 

Vocation Programs offered within Quebec.... Contact Youth Employment Services for information about what types of grant services you can be offered

ACCESS RIVERSIDE for information  South Shore Vocation programs

Youth Employment Services (Yes)

630 René Lévesque West Promenade Level suite 185 (Down-town) Montreal

offers a range of youth (16-35yrs) employment help in English Entrepreneurial programs

tel 514-878-9788 fax 514-878-9950

email:               web

EPOC MONTREAL is... a bridge that offers a second chance to young adults who are economically, academically and socially disadvantaged by providing quality counselling and educational services. To help participants achieve their next career step whether in pursuing their education and/or in finding a job. The overall aim is to make EPOC participants autonomous and contributing members of the community. EPOC MONTREAL
420 St
.Antoine, Montreal, Québec H2Y 2S5  Tel.:(514) 877-7810 Fax:(514) 877-8559
Nearest Metro Station: Place d'Armes E-Mail:


Youth Employment Services For the South Shore

Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi de Laporte Offers Career planning, academic and carreer information, or group counsellin workshop. vocational guidance job search skills, Help with CVs reference centre, job bank

Tel 450-671-8949 email:

Youth Employment Strategy 

The Youth Employment Strategy is the Government of Canada`s commitment to help young people, particularly those facing barriers to employment, get the information and gain the skills, work experience and abilities they need to make a successful transition to the workplace.