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The enclosed information provides a listing of some of the local and web-site resources that you can tap into Remember 70% of jobs are found through personal contacts .So be bold-ask family and friends for any leads they may have ¦

Major Corporations, Municipalities, Government bodies Educational & Health services will post job listings on their web pages, so take a tour on these sites to see what`s listed

The Gazette /LaPresse the daily Gazette (English) & LaPresse (French) carry a large classified section & career page. The Gazette business section is a good source of employee and employer help information and provides encouragement for entrepreneurs. Saturday`s Gazette`s Montréal Works offers the latest in job trends, tips for job seekers and articles on various programs.

Le Courrier du Sud The South Shores largest (Free) French language weekly contains a large classified section on local jobs and job search programs if it is not delivered to your home, you can pick up extra copies at libraries grocery stores or in the lobbies of apartment buildings in the Longueuil-Brossard-St-Hubert-St Bruno-GF-Park-St-Lambert/Lemoyne area. Weekly Community Newspapers also list local job prospects & vocational programs

Mirror/ The Hour are free weekly newspapers that contain area jobs aimed at youth, such as telephone marketing, and graphic design etc. They also contain information on job and education programs, so they`re worth a look regardless of ones age. Many young people take jobs in telemarketing. For students this can be a way to some quick cash. Beware! Make sure the product you are selling is legal and the company you are working for is above-board. If you have doubts ask questions.

Youth Employment Services (Yes)630 René Lévesque West Promenade Level suites 185 (down-town Montréal) Offers youth 16-35yrs, employment help in English. Plus entrepreneurial programs & language classes open to all ages. . Tel 514-878-9788 fax 514-878-9950 emails: Web

The Employment Services Roundtable aim is to increase awareness of English-language employment service organizations throughout Quebec. The Employment Services Roundtable website .

JVS provides help to older- Anglophones seeking Jobs or wanting to improve their skills. They also have contacts and links to companies and services that require less French language skills call: 514-345-2625

La Passerelle (514) 866-5982 offers job search help to both youth and mature workers visit


For Info on Programs that help you Plan and Pay for your Education go to

Looking for Help to make career decisions? Then you are one click away at

Knowing the most promising jobs is difficult. When choosing that Job go to

Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (Listing of Companies)

Starting your own Business, Communication Québec has a Helpful booklet to get you started call for a copy at 1-800-363-1363 or at visit the Québec web site: For a listing of their publications go online.

Canadian Government resources & services for business

Québec Counselling Association (QCA) provides professionals guidance and counselling, Tel: 514-481-6648 Visit their link for a range of counselling and job search information

YMCA/YWCA offer programs to help people with improving there job skills-. The two main downtown branches are easy to access and a short walk from either the Bonventure bus depot and Peel Metro stations. Contact their offices at YMCA -514-849-8393 YWCA 514-866-9941 or visiting Or Visiting

School Boards provide Vocation Programs offer throughout Québec, under Adult Education. Contact your local Emploi Québec Employment Services office for information about what types of programs and grant services are available.

EDUCATION QUEBEC: Vocational & continuing education programs are available too both young people 16 + & adults for information on eligibility visit

ACCESS RIVERSIDE  South Shore Vocation programs and adult education Tel 450-676-1843 offers French language courses 

MARIE VICTORIN (French language) Vocation training centres, 450-646-0730 -(ex 421-369)Visit:

Rosemount Technology Centre 514-376-4725 Visit:

Concordia University Centre for Continuing Education Call 514-848-3600 or visit 

McGill University Continuing Education Call 514-60000000 or visit

O`Sullivan College, DEC/AEC programs (downtown Montréal )Call 514-866-4622 or visit

South Shore Reading Council: 671-4375 Upgrade your basic reading, writing, and math skills

Learning Disabilities Association of Québec (LDAQ) - Destination Employment is a program for adults with learning disabilities this project addresses the needs of adults 18 and over with learning disabilities contact Desirée Chaker, Project Coordinator (LDAQ) at (514) 847-1324 ext 25 or by email :

Building your Future…offers Career awareness products and services for all age groups,

The Government of Canada through HRDC offices offer a range of: Job search, free computer time, and help information services For information about HRDC branch near you call: 1-800-550-9004  website    For all Government of Canada information Call: 1-800-622-6232 For Employment insurance & how to obtain your SIN card or replacement 514-496-1161

The job search link for HRDC   Canada Wide Job Bank

Also visit HRDC web link for work search

Labour Market information can give you the edge go to

Info on all types of Federal Youth employment services can be found under

The Government of Québec through their Emploi-Québec offices (CLE) along with Youth Employment Services (CJE) along with CIJA offices, offer a full range of employment services within Québec. ¦Ask for or read online job search help booklets and information      Emploi Québec 1-888-367-5647 Visit


6200, Boul Taschereau bur, 301 ( same building as  the Chenoy`s  Restaurant) Offers assistance to job seekers in preparing  their CV`s, Help in researching job listings and seeking out programs that help improve their job skills . Their services are available to  all Greater Longueuil  residents from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 4pm (closed from 12h to 1 pm) Friday open to 12 noon . Information sessions are held in French on Mondays and in English on Tuesdays at 1; 30 pm on appointment only 450-462-2003  in  Chateauguay 450-699-4545

CLE  Employment Offices of Emploi Québec on the South Shore: CLE Boucherville (450) 655-5646 CLE de Brossard -GFP-St-Lambert (450) 672-1335  CLE Chateauguay (450) 1-800-465-0286 CLE Saint Constant -Laprairie -Candiac--635-6221CLE Le Valle du Richelieu (St Bruno-Otterburn area) 1-877-856-1966  CLE Saint Hubert 672-7952  CLE La Haut Richelieu (St Jean)1-800-567-3627 CLE Longueuil Est 647-1324 CLE Longueuil Ouest -677-5517

 Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi (CJE) offers programs aimed at youth (16-35) such as Career planning, academic program information, group-counselling workshop. Vocational guidance job search skills, Help with CVs, reference job bank.There are branches in each ridding district Call 1-888-367-5647 for your local office : CJE Lapinière -926-2200 CJE La Prairie 632-7177 CJE Chamby 447-3573 CJE Laporte 671-8949 CJE St-Hubert 678-7644  CJE Saint Jean 347-4717 -Québec`s Largest Job Search Web-site -

As an employee you have the right to be treated fairly and with respect .if this is not your situation. Contact Commission des Normes du Travail Montréal`s  office call: 1-800-667-0005