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Moving time is a busy time at the SPCA so do your very best to find a good home for any pet that you cannot bring with you..

On the Move.

Besides the packing the cleaning and sore backs. Moving Day means you have to contact numerous Government Bodies and services to update your address file . Most address files can be updated online ¦ and both the Québec and Federal governments sites are one-stop for all changes .If you know of persons who are moving , before the pull their internet plug  pass along this email to them

At Canada Post you can have your mail forward to your new address for $33 for a six month period , However ..Remember if want to keep updated Government address file you have to call or email :

Hydro Québec call (414) 385-7252

Driver Licences updates must be done by 30 days of you will face finds of $60 plus or call 514-873-7620

A new Québec  government services allows you to update all your files one central pace..To change you address ,social insurance number, and an host of other services use this Free Bilingual service * or call 1-800-363-1363

* To update the Québec Electoral list with any change of address you must use this web page or call

For Federal services go to

or call 1-800-959-82813613 from here you can update all your files from Income Tax , Election list, Child Tax credit, GST refunds etc.

Inform your local School Board about any change of address for both for your school age children ..and for your tax bill L ..Riverside School Board 450-672-4010 or go to

Please let the Community Partners know of any change in Contact information for local community groups call 450-466-1325 or reply to this email.  

The SSCP is the only non-profit Community service organisation on the South Shore..all our members are volunteers and we have very limited funds.. Should you want information about Health and Social Services, Government Services, Local Schools, Community groups and services for all age ranges ..or just want to know more about your own community ..then give us a call : 450-466-1325 ..or reply to this email