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Promoting your community activity.....

In order to promote your community association or event most local newspapers, The Gazette, Radio and TV stations will published information free of charge for non-profit groups, community services or for their fund raising events. These events must be inclusive and promote a sense of community good will. To have your event published, send your notice at least three weeks in advance, if you want the notice to appear more then once. Make sure the information about the your event or service has a contact telephone number, plus the dates it will take place. Information is accepted only in writing either by mail, Fax or Email (It best to either Fax or Email) Do not call in your information.

When sending information always list the : Who, What, Why ,Where and Time, Because of limited space do not expect to publish a long notice with a lot of details. Remember this is only a service, for non-profit community groups or fund raiser events . Do not send flyers expecting them to be edited. List briefly only one or two key elements of your event ...use short and direct terms so people will be aware what your event or service is about. Make sure the telephone number contact is responsible, has good telephone habits, and either a voice-box or answering machine. Always try to reply to any inquires within a minimum delay.

SSCP can help with drafting and forwarding your event notices. Call or email me.(in advance) we can help put together notices and use our system so that at. O-N-E touch I can send emails and then faxes to all the media outlets we listed. Remember there is no such thing as too little publicity so use all the tools at hand . SSCP has a  listing of community group-service Labal  mailing list that can be made available (for a small Fee ) .

Publicity -Ideas and Tips-January 2005   

Be sure to place flyers and posters on Community Bulletin Boards at local Pharmacies, Malls and Food Stores. Churches halls are used for different community events and often have Community Bulletin Board. For events on important issue ask if it may be printed area church  bulletins.

Regardless of how many notices we send out or post .Word of  mouth still works best!!…So tell two friends about your event and have them tell two friends and before you know it The Word is Out!

Because of the many computer viruses- most Media-outlets or Community groups will not open attachments Send text files only with a clear direct subject line. Use Direct Text files and  When sending out notices about Community. Services, programs etc.

Try to keep it in a simple text format directly in the context of your email. Colourful images may look like they dressing up your notice ,however they increase the size of the Ks in your email , thus filling up the limit storage space most people have.therefore you email will be more likely deleted to open up space smaller size emails are more likely to be saved  and easier to forward to other contacts…. Also with all the virus most Schools, CLSCs, Media , Community groups do not open attachments your message may never be even read, While less artistic .Keep your E-mail`s .Small and Simple

When sending out mass emails to contact lists . I suggest that the email message be sent to One Direct email (maybe to yourself) and all the rest be sent through the BCC (blind carbon copy) function, therefore you would not be sending along your email list to be forward and go beyond the intended purposes. Ie: scammers. 

COMMUNITYUPDATE@    The SS-CP monthly email newsletter is sent out to and re-forward directly to contacts in community groups, churches, schools, CLSCs etc and their individual members. We included notices about upcoming events and area promote services. On our web-site we post a community bulletin board of local events and services Contact us with your information either by email or by phone .  (See home page for our policy statement)


Weekly Community Newspapers (covering the South Shore)

Saint Lambert Journal (Plus) Saint Lambert-Greenfield Park-Brossard

574 Victoria St-Lambert J4P2J2 (no Faxes)  email:

Magazine (St-Lambert-Greenfield Park)-Brossard ) You should forward your event notices in both French and English  Le Journal St-Hubert  You can fax one set of notices to covers all three  newspapers, however list them in your heading Fax:450-466-9019 Email

Courrier du Sud Longueuil, A Votre Service & Activities Communities Fax: 450-674-0205 email *=forward your event notices in French/English

Journal de Chambly Fax : 450-658-3785 / redaction@journaldechambly. com *=forward your event notices in French/English

Versant du Mont Bruno (Saint Bruno area) Fax: 450-441-5440**=forward your event notices in French/English

Le Reflet (Delson-Candiac area) Tel; 450-635-4619**=forward your event notices in French/English

The Hour Weekly Newspaper (Events aimed at a younger crowd) Fax: (514) 848-9004 email listings to LISTINGS@HOUR.CA

Chinese Community press (publishes in English/Chinese for the South Shore) tel (514) 397-9969

Sino-Quebec Chinese newspaper  (Quebec's largest Chinese newspaper )email  visit the web site at

Asian Leader (South Asian Community) Forward community notices and events that promote intercultural exchanges Fax 514-369-1027

Filipino-Star Fax 514 485 3076 (Filipino Newspaper covers South Shore Brossard) 

THE SENIOR TIMES -Tel 514-484-5033/Fax 514-484-8254 -community events of interest to seniors Email  website

The Montrealer  - A Newspaper for all Montrealers  featuring community news and lifestyles…. Community section …514-369-7000 Fax notices to (514) 369-1362 or email

Community Contact (Montreal) Black-Caibbean community - distibuted in around Greater Montreal and Ottawa tel /fax 514-489-4540 or email notices to

La Farandula -El Semanario- Latino-Newspaper -(publishes copies for the South Shore) Info-Farandula 514-374-2209 7201 Papineau Mtl  Qc-H2E 2G7

The Quebec Community Newspapers Association  ...(QCNA)  lists  Local Community newspapers reaching the English-speaking community within Quebec....For  a full listing and contact links of  members go to :


The Gazette ...(30,000 plus Daily South Shore readers)   1010 Ste-Catherine St. W Montral QC H3B-5L1 Main phone-number 514-987-2222 website All community notices    FAX to 514-987-2638

When emailing list the type of notice in the subject line / If your event covers more then one area of interest then cc; email to other community event columns

Community Info @ Tip sheet (Monday)


What is on! Daily Cultural-Music-Theatre-Arts events ...Plus Weekend Events email

Broad sheet (Sunday) Calendar of events of special interest to Women  email

Reach more people forward event notices about your community event to French language media....(go to Media directories  for a full listing) You should forward your event notices in French

La Presse -7 rue Saint Jacques Montral H2Y 1K9 Tel 514- 285-7272 Fax 514-285-6808  Internet

Journal de Montral  Fax: 514-521-4416 

Greater Montreal (Radio/TV) notices should be either faxed or email  Some web sites have community bulletin boards were an event information can be posted

CJAD Radio Fax: 514-989-3847 email notices from their web-site Web site

CJFM -Mix 96- Fax; 514-989-3847 go to

CFQR-Q92-Radio Fax; 514-766-9569 web-site:

CINQ-FM multi Cultural Community fax 514-495-2429

CINW-AM 940 News fax 514-849-8891 or

CFCF-12 Fax; 514-273-1973 email Web:  story ideas Contact12-514-790-1212

GLOBAL-TV Quebec Fax: 514-590-4061 email Website

CHOM FM97.7 fax: 514-846-4741 email

CKGM-AM Fax 514 931-4079 go to

Radio MCGill  fax 514-398-8281

CBC-TV-Radio-Montral Fax 514-597-6354-radio 514-597-6510 Web site

French-language media: Include French language notices LA PRESSE -Fax 514-285-6808 Journal Montral Fax- 514-521-4416 (go to the link below for a contact listing of radio/Tv stations)

Media directories (Radio, TV, Daily-Weekly-Community-Ethnic Newspapers)      Communication-Qubec provides an complete listing of the different media outlets in Qubec . You can easily consult these directories on line for most media email addresses, fax numbers or other contact information While available only in French, the listings are very easy to follow and there are direct email and web page links were you can paste in and forward your information . The site address is listed below - click English then go to the both the Montrgie and Montral region for local media