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Riverside School Board

Our community partners in Learning

 RIVERSIDE SCHOOL BOARD Board of Commissioners:

1- Blais Fernand  2- White Frank 3- Morrison Pamela 4- L'Heureux Michel 5- Tomalty Richard

 6- Nichols Marina (Nina) 7- Dumont Henriette 8- Smith Dawn 9-Regan Bell Moira 10- Llewelyn Cuffling Lesley

 11- Munro James (Jim) 12- Lamoureux Dan 13- Sastre Gustavo 14- Gour Margaret 15- Cameron Ken 

16- Horrocks Debbie 17- Bennett Marcella 18- Shaver Robert 19- D'Avignon Pierre


Contact the Riverside School Board - 


The Riverside Board offices are located at 299 Sir Wilfred Laurier -St-Lambert

Near the IGA on the way to the Victoria Bridge  Call 450 672-4010 Fax 450 455-8809

Our commissioners put in many hours on our communities behalf for the pennies they are paid.