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For information about Support services aimed at women ...see the Sunday Gazette life section -under the listing of ...Broadsheet. The YWCA (514-866-9941or MTl Women's Centre (514-842-4783) offers a range of services and helpful contact information

South Shore Reading Council Is successfully helping adults with reading difficulty and offer volunteer programs and  private tutoring. For more information call:450-671-4375

Learning Associates of Montreal  in partnership with the SS-CP offers specialized  tutoring for children , adolescents and  adults with learning difficulties on the South Shore 514-989-9360  or email . The SS-CP has private  tutors are available  to students for help in Math, English, and other subjects call Roberta 450-672-1324 

Care-Ring Voice , A new phone-based service provides help and support for family caregivers by allowing them to connect with others in the similar situations. This Bilingual project, a first of its kind in Québec, is free and confidential and open to all family caregivers . Access is through an information line (514) 485-7374, weekdays from to

South Shore - Meals on Wheels Volunteers cook, prepare and deliver good home cook meals for seniors and those who are recuperating after an illness, Contact your local CLSC, area Church, the SS-CP for the chapter nearest to you.

Après Coup -Help for abuse for men , women, adolescence-support groups offered ; 450-672-6461.

Aids Community Care 514-527-0928

Amnesty International hosts monthly meetings on  Human rights and world issues 450-672-5418

Ami Quebec (Friends of the Mentally Ill) go to or call 514-486-1448..South Shore Support Group for Families Open to relatives regardless of the diagnosis Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, 2499 St-Georges, room 200, Le Moyne 

Lifeline a South Shore support group for persons with mental health needs.Every Thursday from 1pm until 3pm « Life-Line Â» an English language support group for persons with Mental Health problems meets to offer each other support & encouragement at Alternative Centregens , 5770 Auteuil Brossard (near the CLSC) tel; 450-445-5427

Alzheimer Anglophone Support Group offers caregivers of people suffering from Alzheimer"s disease meets once a month. for information contact Gloria at 450-671-4079 or the Alzheimer Society 450-442-3333 Montreal 514-485-7233 or visit

Single Parents Association of Montreal Call: 514-364-0260

South Shore University Women`s Club Holds monthly meetings on a range of community @ world issues that are open to all. Hosts an annual book sale to provide South Shore woman with scholarships. Contact 450-672-1519- 672-1324

Golden Leaves Provides an afternoon program for fail or isolated seniors as the person is often living at home with a love-one this service provides a needed time-out for the care-giver. Call: 450-671-6109

Gamblers Anonymous..Help for  persons with gambling problems call 514-484-6666 visit;

Catholic Women`s League Offers support to women within their parish and the community at large..the league is active on various social issues. Contact your local Catholic parish for your local branch.

Shino South Shore Centre. offers support and help to newcomers from Chinese speaking people new to the South Shore SHINO QUEBEC CENTRE OF THE SOUTH SHORE 45 Place Charles Lemoyne suite 102 Longueuil tel 450- 651-8989 fax 450-651-6918 Near the Metro-Longueuil Email: web-site have some French classes

Celiac Disease, or Dermatitis Herpetiformis and have to eat a gluten-free diet for
life.  Our organization offers support and services through programmes of awareness, education, advocacy and research. To contact the Quebec Chapter leave a message for Margaret at (514) 893 9856, or e-mail

MAISON INTERNATIONLE DE LA R.S COMMUNITY SERVICES 2152 Lapinere bur 220 Brossard .(.Near the Sears )Offfers support to all Newcomers to the South Shore (Language course, Access to Social and Community Services) Maison International is 450-445-8777 ext: 228, Roshana Fazel.

South Shore Jewish Community P-O Box 50547 8230 Taschereau blvd Brossard Quebec J4X2V7 Offers support for Jewish persons on the South Shore: call: 450-656-2583 
South Shore Black Community Association   providing  services for South Shore Black Youth , Families and seniors  ; Call 450-678-9593 Email website
South Shore Centre for Individual and Family Counselling Offers various types of professional counselling and proven therapeutic approaches for their clients.10 Churchill # 205 GfPark                Tel 450-672-2490

Sexual Assault Centre of McGill University -3480 McTavish Montreal-514-398-2700 offers self help groups for both men and women in area's such as Eating Disorders/Sexual abuse....

The Pilgrim Project  offers help for familes that are victems of  abuse; 514-633-9315

Serenity -Al Anon is an English-language support group for family and friends of persons who have substance abuse problem ..By coming together they help bring a serenity back into their lives. The Group meets Thursday at 7pm at Mount Bruno United Church-25 Lakeview St-Bruno-Tel 653-2312

AA/Achoholics Anonymous is for the person with substance abuse problem -Al-Anon is an English-language support groups for family and friends of persons who have substance abuse problem .These Two Groups meet at the Greenfield Park  United Church 335 Springfield. 671-1824  There is also a English Gamblers Anonymous Support group call 671-1824 for meeting times

Foster Pavilion (covering the South Shore) offers English Language substance abuse clinics for youth and adolescents with drug or drinking problems along with support to their families.  Also offers English-language support for persons with gambling problems and a support service for their families Pavilion Foster can be reach by calling CLSC Samuel de Champlain (Brossard ) 450-445-4472

SUICIDE ACTION (MONTREAL) operates a Bilingual , confidential crisis line 24/hrs a day 7 days a week call : 514-723-4000  Quebec runs  ahot line service  1-866-277-3553 ,,,

Options-A Pregnant Counselling centre offering English language services on the South Shore- At THE ART project - baby clothes and Baby items are provided Free to mothers  25A D`Anjou Chateauguay tel 450-699-4357 email:

McGil School of Social Work runs a Bereavement group for those who are living with lost 514-398-7058

Premier-Pas Home-Start 450 923-4138  offers help and friendship to young mothers of children under 5 6-st-denis St-St-Lambert  email; web site

HELLENIC COMMUNITY CENTRE 5220 GRANDE ALLEE ST-HUBERT QUEBEC J4Y-1A1 Offers support, Family services, Day Care, Cultural awarness to the Greek Community tel: 450-656-4832

TAll Club Montreal a social club for women 5-10 and men 6-2inches call 514-934-0280

YWCA /YMCA while there is no branchs on the South Shore . The downtown branchs are an easy to access and short walk from Bonventure and Peel Metro stations

Legal aid services (South Shore) Longueuil 1644 chemin de Chambly suite 100 (criminal-juvenile section) call: 450-928-7666 for other types of cases call 514-873- 662   

La Mosaique offers a range of community and social suport to needy families in the Brossard/GFPark/Lemoyne/area ..such as food services, seniors support, youth projects Has great used item shop 1650 L'Eglise, a Lemoyne-St-Lambert J4P 2C8 tel 450-1803 tax 450-465-5440  email web site

 MADD Montreal for victims of impaired driving and their familes 514-729-6233

Preville Fine arts Centre...Offers young people a broad range of artistic, creative, and mind chanllenging programs...These programs are offered during the school year and through a Summer program both in English and French Call: 450-671-2810

Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain A Bilingual shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence offering support groups for women who are caught in deteriorating relationships. Call: 450-656-1946 Note new mailing address; CP 51535 , 3848 Taschereau Greenfield Park (Longueuil) Québec J4V 3N8

FOOD BANK SERVICES Local food bank services are offered thought the volunteer support of local churches. Together they work to maximize their efforts. Contact an area church, CLSC or the SS-CP to be put in touch with either Project H.O.P.E or the Ecumenical Council . These services while planned and screened by the churches, they’re available to everyone regardless of ones cultural, or religious background

Les Cuisines de Marguerite is a collective food kitchen that allows persons to come together in a small friendly group. They prepare meals at a low cost and learn more about budget planning and -how to make healthy meals for themselves and their families - The program is offered Wednesday in Greenfield Park-1050 Park-lane call 450-678-1178 (currently the program is offered in French with Bilingual people their to help)



For Government and other related websites send us a email and we will pass them along. SS-CP is a Member of the Quebec Health and Social service Network

For information on different types of Support groups and a range of Community services in the Greater Montreal area Give us a call or send an email and we can help you look!  

Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montreal (514) 527-1375

For Seniors Information call (514) 527-0007